Geometry of the string-bridge-plate model

Virtual-Acoustic Instrument Design

Among possible ways of mapping parameters to sound, physical modelling represents a special form that inherently constrains the sonic output to have a mechano-acoustic character, as such providing a rigorous basis for…

String-board and Knobbee 32 interfaces

Musician-Instrument Study

This ongoing study investigates how musicians explore and adapt to the parameter space of a virtual-acoustic string bridge plate instrument. These observations inform (and are informed by) a wider approach to understanding the development of skill and style in interactions between musicians and musical instruments.

Fields of Feedback

Fields of Feedback

Fields of Feedback is a live, improvised group performance involving three laptop performers, and one moderator. The performance topology is a direct reflection of specific type of machine learning algorithm, called a Hopfield Network.


International Peer-Reviewed Conferences/Proceedings

Co-Tuning Virtual-Acoustic Performance Ecosystems: Observations on the Development of Skill and Personal Style in the Study of Musician-Instrument Relationships

In this paper we report preliminary observations from an ongoing study into how musicians explore and adapt to the parameter space of a virtual-acoustic string bridge plate instrument. These observations inform (and are informed by) a wider approach to…

An Explorative String-Bridge-Plate Model with Tunable Parameters

The virtual exploration of the domain of mechano-acoustically produced sound and music is a long-held aspiration of physical modelling. A physics-based algorithm developed for this purpose combined with an interface can be referred to as a virtual-acoustic instrument…

Virtual-Acoustic Instrument Design: Exploring the Parameter Space of a String-Plate Model

Exploration is an intrinsic element of designing and engaging with acoustic as well as digital musical instruments. This paper reports on the ongoing development of an explorative virtual-acoustic instrument based on simulation of the vibrations of a string coupled nonlinearly to a plate.

A Real-Time Synthesis Oriented Tanpura Model

Physics-based synthesis of tanpura drones requires accurate simulation of stiff, lossy string vibrations while incorporating sustained contact with the bridge and a cotton thread. Several challenges arise from this when seeking efficient and stable algorithms for real-time sound synthesis.

Towards A Virtual-Acoustic String Instrument

In acoustic instruments, the controller and the sound producing system often are one and the same object. If virtual-acoustic instruments are to be designed to not only simulate the vibrational behaviour of a real-world counterpart but also to inherit much of its interface dynamics…


Virtual-Acoustic Instruments with Parametric Explorability: Design, Formulation, Realisation, and Evaluation

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Sandor Mehes is currently pursuing an interdisciplinary Ph.D. at Queen's University Belfast, focusing on the development of a virtual acoustic instrument that responds sonically to players actions and affording specific performance nuances, utilising the advantages of physical modelling. He is also a radio host (, record label owner (Acre Recordings) and producer.


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